On Archer and Bell with John Michaels

Friday August 2 2013

Today on the show:

  • Takeo Spikes joined the show to talk about Riley Cooper and the use of the "N" word. This is some pretty deep stuff!


  • Dave Hunziker Commentator for the Oklahoma Stae Cowboys previwed the Big 10 and you shouldn't be surprised who he chose as the champs



  • The Falcons are putting on a show in Gainesville; Friday Night Lights scrimmage tonight. Arch and Wes will be calling the training camp scrimmage giving a play by play of the plays and the up and coming 2nd teamers.

  • Tiger almost shot a -59 at the WGC Bridgestone as he fibised with a -61 and -13 under. Could this be a preview for the PGA Championship?


  • Braves tagged the Rockies 11-2 win.  Now they have huge lead of the NL East and looking forward to taking on the Phillies.