On Archer and Bell w/ John Michaels

Coming up today on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

- Quinn Buckner joined the show to get us ready for Game 7. He thinks the pacers have chance to win if they keep their ears out of the Heat's lockeroom. Take a listen

- Dan Dakich weighed in on Game 7. Dan also thinks the Pacers could make it to the Finals, but the Pacers with Hibbert and company need to show up.

- The Braves take 2-3 from the nats, but trade away Juan Franciso for Brewers minor leauge left handed reliever Tom Keeling.

- Falcons now have $4 million dollars to spend but it seems that contract talks have stalled. We also learned that OTA means Organized Team Activities.

-Drinks Drinks Drinks, we learned that John Michales needs to up is drinking game pass Vodka and Cranberry