On Archer and Bell with John Michaels

Tuesday May 21 2013

Tuesday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

-San Antonio Spurs color analyst Sean Elliott joined us to talk about the Spurs current series against the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals, Overlooking the Golden State Warriors in the second round but managing to get by. He thinks the Grizzlies will make adjustments from game one to get Zac Randolph more touches in space and on the perimeter and told us about being in the draft room with Coach Gregg Popavich.

-ESPN's Herm Edwards, both a former player and a coach in the NFL, has released a list of the top 20 NFL Coaches of all time. The guys had some issues with where certain guys were placed on the list, and Mike questioned the criteria for making the list. He feels that some coaches are placed higher because of a stoic like nature. Arch had an issue with John Madden being in the top 10 when guys like Joe Gibbs and Paul Brown were left out.

-Shots have been fired in the Heat-Pacers series as Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel said the Heat were just the next team in their way. Well, Lebron James has fired back leading to Vogel saying he was misquoted. Arch and John have some opinions of their own on the whole situation and feel it has been overblown.