On Archer and Bell with John Michaels

Thursday December 5 2013

Thursday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

-Former Zone personality and current ESPN color analyst David Pollack joined us to get ready for a weekend of conference championships. David told us that he thinks Auburn is a better team than Ohio State and that Florida State is loaded with talent. Pollack also talked about the situation with Georgia's defense.
-Peyton Manning came out and told the media that he is over his cold weather woes at this point in his career. The guys don't know how much they are buying it, but Arch gave us the low down on playing quarterback in the cold.
-We had our "Thursday Four Pack" today as well as our daily poll question which asked the listeners if their opinion of Jameis Winston has changed even though he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Sixty-nine percent of the listeners say that their opinion has not changed over the course of the entire ordeal.