On Archer and Bell With John Michaels

Friday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

-The Falcons lost in a close one last night to the New Orleans Saints. Mike was not happy about a couple of plays throughout the game. The play that bothered him the most was quarterback Matt Ryan sliding inside the five yard line in the first half instead of diving for the end zone.
-Friday means another edition of "What does Babineaux?" featuring Falcons defensive tackle Johnathan Babineaux. "Babs" told us that Matt Ryan is the unquestoined leader of this team, and talked about the toll playing on a short week takes on the body.
-With the Falcons playing last night, Head Coach Mike Smith held his press conference today. Coach Smith told the media that last night was not the result the team wanted and that they have to do the little things better. "Smitty" also talked about this teams toughness.
-Arch called in from Syracuse as he is preparing for his weekly ACC game to recap the game last night, and for our poll question we asked the listeners if they agreed with kicking a field goal on fourth down instead of going for it late in the game was the right move. A surprising 57% of them thought it was the right decision.