Today on Archer and Bell w/ John Michaels

Friday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

-Arch was on the road to get ready for his ACC game this week, and as usual Sam Radin filled in for him. Arch called in during the show to talk about the Falcons game this weekend. Arch told us that Harry Douglas will still play in the slot as opposed to on the outside.
-Friday means that we get a chance to talk to Johnathan Babineaux for "What Does Babiknow?" Johnathan told us that the Falcons need to just play their game this week. "Babs" also talked about the "Falcon Way."
-Arch sat down with Matt Ryan in preparation of Sunday's game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Matt talked about the bye week and how it affected the team and told us that there is definitely a sense of urgency.
-Today's poll question brought up some of the ugliest  uniforms in sports as we asked if the Jacksonville Jaguars do in fact have the ugliest in professional sports. The listeners, by a 58% vote, decided that they are not the worst in the league.