On Archer and Bell with John Michaels

Thursday October 3 2013

Thursday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

-Thursday means another 4-pack of questions we posed to the listeners. Today's questions were: Do the Braves have a chance, most redneck place you've ever been, should Mike burn his Falcons hat and where do you get your music from?

-Arch was up in Flowery Branch to watch Falcons' practice and sit down with Coach Smith and Matt Ryan, but joined us for the latter half of the show. Arch talked about some of the things he saw at practice today.

-The Braves play the pivotal game 1 of their series with the Dodgers tonight and Chipper Jones will be throwing out the first pitch. Chipper joined us today to talk about the series and told us that the Braves have one of two mindsets when facing the Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.