Note from cocktail napkins...

Note from cocktail napkins...


Can't remember an NBA Finals where both teams face "must win" pressure every night. In last night's "must win" for the Heat we saw The Big 3 all return to championship form, as opposed to Game 3 where the league's MVP looked like he was possessed by an alien from Space Jam.


Now the script is flipped and San Antonio has to win Sunday night to avoid having to win the series final 2 games in Miami...


Maybe the legendary aura of Michael Jordan clouds my memory, but I cannot remember MJ ever having a game as strange as LeBron's disjointed effort in game 3. Sure Jordan had some bad shooting night's but he never looked lost in a big moment... Nobody will remember it anyway if LeBron and Dwayne Wade keep putting up 30 points in this series.


What does Dwight Howard have against his home town anyway? According to ESPN's Chris Broussard "Howard is not particularly fond of the idea of returning to Atlanta, but he would do so to team up with Paul". Still seems like a pipe dream to most Hawks fans but the National media keeps reporting Atlanta as a viable option for the league's 2 most coveted free agents.


What do the Braves do now that Bandon Beachy is set to return? Throw him in the bullpen, right? Tim Hudson has struggled in his last 5 of 6 starts but you're not putting him in the pen. You could make the same case for any of the other 4 starters, so let Beachy (who didn't exactly dazzle in his last minor league start) go work on his stuff in relief for now.


And who wants to trade any of the Braves starters either, especially with arms breaking down all over the league at an alarming rate. To paraphrase Cool Hand Luke, 6 sounds like a nice round number.


The NHL may be dead in Atlanta but what a dramatic start to The Stanley Cup Finals, with the Blackhawks winning in triple over-time. And the ratings were the best in 16 years. Hats off to NBC and it Sports Network for doing a great job with puck.


Speaking of NBC...many Formula One fans (like me) were worried that when NBC took over the greatest motor sport in the world they would botch it...but they have knocked it out of the part with extended coverage, including informative pre-race studio shows and by bringing over Steve Matchett and David Hobbs from Speed Channel, the best analysts on TV.


 On the flip side NASCAR on FOX makes any one with a brain, want to hit the mute button. Glad to see TNT get it for their mid-season 6 race package.

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