Thursday on Archer and Bell:

-ESPN NFL Live host Trey Wingo joined the show to talk about all the stories around the NFL heading into the NFL draft. Trey told us that teams like New Orleans and Denver are in a full "win now" mode. He also talked about Jadaveon clowney and the possibility of him being a Falcon.
-For our "Falcons Reload 2014" we continued to talk about defensive backs in the draft. Today we looked back at some of the guys taken towards the top of the 2013 draft and how they turned out. The results were surprising as most of them were good football players.
-Today was Thursday and that means we had a 4-pack of questions for the listeners to go with our poll question. For our poll question we asked who deserves to be the NBA MVP between Lebron James and Kevin Durant. When the votes were counted Kevin Durant ran away with 77% of the vote.


Wednesday on Archer and Bell:

-Former Falcon and Fox Sports 1 college football analyst Coy Wire joined the show from Georgia's pro day. Coy told us that former Dawg Arthur Lynch really helped himself out a lot out there. Coy also thinks that Aaron Murray might surprise some people in the NFL.
-Former Georgia and Chicago Bears kicker Kevin Butler joined us as well to talk about Georgia's pro day as well as his time in the NFL. Kevin told us that new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has dumded down the defense compared to what Todd Grantham was doing. He also gave us his thoughts on changing the extra point.
-With this week of the Falcons Reload being about defensive backs we asked the listeners to give us their "All-Time" defensive backfield. We also asked for our poll question if the new soccer team that was announced today would be successful. At the end of the show our listeners proved optimistic as 71% think it will succeed.


Tuesday on Archer and Bell:

  • Atlanta Braves legend and future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones was kind enough to join the guys. Chipper talked about his recent visit to the team and told us that one day he might want to be a hitting coach, but that he likes what Greg Walker  and Scott Fletcher are doing with the guys. Chipper also told us what he was working on with B.J. Upton and why it had become a problem.
  • Our Falcons reload 2014 continued today as it will everyday until the May NFL Draft. This week we are focusing on safeties that could come in and help the Falcons fill the void left by Thomas Decoud's departure. Instead of just naming off five guys that are the best safeties in the draft, Arch told us what would have to happen for the Falcons to get a top safety.
  • ESPN The Magazine has released a list of the highest paid athletes in the world based on their income last year and the list was somewhat surprising. In light of this, we asked for our poll question which sport among the NFL , MLB, NBA and soccer has the most overpaid players. At the end of the show, it was evident that baseball payers are overpaid according to the listeners with a 59% vote.


Monday on Archer & Bell:


Jam Packed local weekend with the Bubba Watson winning the Masters, UGA G-Day, Braves are on a roll,and the Hawks beat the Miami Heat to clinch the 8th seed for the playoffs. On top of that the guys are back from Vegas checking out with plenty of stories of Mike and his stride and the big fight of Pacquiao/Bradley fight.


Jadevon Clowney is back in the news not because he did anything wrong off the field but because an NFC Official decided to say he was “spoiled and lazy.” Here on the guys on Clowney and the officials comments.


In other NFL News 49ers LB Aldon Smith is back in trouble for being arrested for reporting a false bomb report. Here are the guys plus “exclusive” audio of the event.


The HUB UB had some great birthdays, pranks, and also Bubba Watson going to a Georgia breakfast tradition. That's right good ole Waffle House.

The Poll question today: Did you watch the Masters?


Yes: 50%

No: 5%

Didn't watch: 45%

Friday on Archer and Bell:
-Legendary boxer and pound-for-pound one of the greatest of all time Roy Jones Jr. sat down with the guys to talk about Saturday night's fight. Roy told us that he misses the big stage of a title fight. Roy told us who the fighter he most despised was as well.
-Former boxer and basis for the 2010 movie The Fighter Micky Ward joined the show. Micky talked about the state of boxing and about the wear and tear on a boxer's body. He also talked about this weekend's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr.

-HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman also joined the show to get read for Saturday night as well. Max questioned the thought Manny Pacquiao doesn't want to fight anymore. He also talked about Timothy Bradley's willpower and desire compared to other fighters.


-Given the fact that we are in Vegas for Pacquaio Bradley 2 we asked the listeners who they think will win the fight Saturday night. At the end of the show we counted the votes and by an overwhelming margin the listeners like Timothy Bradley Jr. to keep his belt.

Thursday on Archer and Bell:

-The guys are in Vegas for the Manny Pacquiao - Timothy Bradley II fight, and whenever the guys go to Vegas something interesting happens on their flight out there. This time Mike was the victim of an over consumed passenger that forced
him to show his "sympathetic" side.
-Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix was in Las Vegas and he joined the guys to talk about the fight and what he sees moving forward for the Hawks. Chris told us that Hawks would be better served getting into the lottery instead of the playoffs. He also gave us his take on the main event Saturday night.
-HBO boxing analyst and former boxing trainer Teddy Atlas joined the guys as well from Radio Row. Teddy told us that he is not sure if Manny Pacquiao even wants to fight anymore. He told us what he would do to get Pacquiao's mind right.
-The voice of HBO boxing Jim Lampley joined the show as well to talk about the state of boxing as well as the fight this weekend. Jim told us the story of how he got into doing boxing play by play. He also gave us his pick for who wins the fight.


Wednesday on Archer and Bell:

-Mike's former co-host and ESPN College Gameday analyst David joined the show to talk about some of the defensive linemen in the draft. David told us that he thinks a good locker room would help keep Jadaveon Clowney motivated. "The All-American" also talked about why he likes Greg Robinson.
-Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and his fiance Katherine Webb have announced that they will be doing a reality show documenting their wedding and the planning of it. Arch and Mike are not exactly sold on the idea that this will be welcomed in his new locker room.
-Georgia's spring football game is this weekend, so we asked our listeners if they are going to attend their team's spring game. When the votes were tallied at the end of the show it was a close vote, but 52% of the listeners would go if they were within driving distance.
Also, the entire show is available on our podcast page:


Tuesday on Archer and Bell with John Michaels:

- NFL Network analyst Sean O'Hara joined us to talk about the Falcons and the draft. He says that Jake Matthews is a no brainer selection for the Falcons and that both the offensive and defensive lines for the Falcons will be motivated coming into the season.

- The Falcons made some moves Tuesday signing corner back Josh Wilson from Washington to a one year deal and also safety Dwight Lowery from Jacksonville. Mike and Arch both talked about the moves and what it means for the Falcons.

- With Tuesday being the 40 year anniversary of Hank Aaron hitting his 715th home run passing Babe Ruth at the time for the all time record, we asked in our poll question who the real home run king is between Hank Aaron or Barry Bonds. After tabulating the results, 86.5% of our listeners say that Hank Aaron is still the real home run king.


Monday on Archer and Bell:

-CBS lead college basketball analyst Clark Kelloggjoined the show to talk about tonight's game. Clark told us that it will be at least four or five years before the one and done rule can change and also talked about the Pacers struggles.

- Former NFL reciever Tim Brown aslo stopped by to talk top the guys. Tim talked about how it feels to be snubbed by the Hall of Fame and also about paying college athletes.

Who you got for tonight? For today's poll question we asked if you like the Dogs (UConn) or theCats (UK) in tonight's game? When the votes were tallied 59 percent of the listeners liked Kentucky to cut down the nets.

All of our Radio Row interviews from the Final Four can be heard on our podcast page!


Today on the show:

  • Nick Johnson Naismith finalist joined the show to discuss Kentucky and Kaminiski


  • Nick also made mention of one and done players and their effect on the game


  • Today's Poll question: Would you be mad if your player took personal time off?

                 No: 100%

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