On The Red Zone

Tuesday March 19 2013

Today on the show:

- At 12:18 John Jenkins sat down with Mike and Hans in studio and had two great segments of interviews. He first talked about what went into his decision to play for Georgia after originally being committed to Oklahoma St.. Click below to hear him explain exactly what led him to pick the Dawgs!

- During the second segment he was in studio with us he talked about the draft process and what his life has been like since leaving Athens. He was asked about the possibility of playing for the Falcons and if he felt like he would be a fit in Atlanta. Click below to hear his thoughts on his feelings on possibly playing in Atlanta.

- Later on in the second hour, at 1:02 we were thrilled to catch up with Hawks guard Kyle Korver. He talked about his alma mater Creighton and their chances of making a run in the NCAA Tournament. He also discussed the Hawks loss to the Mavericks last night and what the team can do to improve moving towards the playoffs. Click below to hear him speak about the team as they head down the stretch.