On The Red Zone

Monday March 11 2013

Today on The Show:

  • During the second hour of the show we had some breaking news. It turns out the Vikings have traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks for future draft picks. Those specific picks have not yet been determined. Mike and Hans debated the trade and wondered if Harvin could be yet another weapon in Russel Wilson's offense. Mike pointed out that originally he thought Pete Carroll was a bad hire for the Seahawks. Now however, he says Carroll has done a great job assembling a dangerous team in Seattle.

  • Both Hans and Mike think acquiring Harvin from the Vikings only makes Seattle a stronger team offensively and will make them even that much stronger in the playoffs.

  • At 12:32 we discussed the ongoing rumors that Tony Gonzalez will return for another season with the Falcons. Hans said if the rumored $7 million asking price to return is true, he thinks that could be too much money event for a guy like Gonzalez. He said the Falcons should tread lightly with this and not overpay just to get him to return for another season.

  • During the first hour we also talked about the interesting move by Chris Gamble to retire. He Panthers cut him and he has since elected to retire from the NFL. Mike and Hans were both scratching their heads with this move and definitely thought he would catch on with another team.

  • Also in the first hour at 12:18 we talked about another crazy weekend in college hoops and began to talk about conference championship week.