On The Red Zone

Friday February 22 2013

Today on the show:

  • During the first hour Mike and Wes talked about how much stock they put into the combine when evaluating NFL prospects. They both said it is important but for a guy like Jarvis Jones, they have no problem with him not doing any drills. He already proved himself on the field in 2012 and they don't feel like he should have to workout at the combine.

  • At 12:48 when we went "ITP" we talked about the Braves spring training opener today against the Tigers. Wes also gave us his thoughts on the Jackets game Sunday at Virginia. Georgia Tech defeated the Cavs a few weeks ago at home and will look to sweep the season series from them this weekend.

  • During the second hour we talked about the Hawks decision to not trade Josh Smith. The NBA trade deadline came and went yesterday and he remains a Hawk. Mike said he was hoping the team would trade Josh and he knows Hans is upset today that J-Smoove remains on the team.

  • To wrap up the show we had some fun at the ACC's expense as they have announced they are opening up a restaurant in the Raleigh, NC airport. It will be owned and operated by the ACC as they become the first conference to open a restaurant. Wes and Mike laughed at this and definitely had some jokes towards the ACC. They each came up with funny fake menu items the ACC restaurant could serve. We even had one funny listener text into the show at 77530 saying, "breaking news....the Sun Belt has opened their own food truck!"