On The Red Zone

Monday February 18 2013

Today on the show:

- Billy Packer joined The Red Zone today and had some scathing words for Michigan's Fab 5 team back in the early 90's. He said he hates the fact that any of those players are still recognized in a positive light. He said they all represent what is wrong with college basketball in its current state. Click below to hear two great cuts of him just ripping the Fab 5 apart:

- At 1:32 we were so glad to be joined by Phil Kornblutt of The South Carolina Radio Network. He had some interesting thoughts on if Jadaveon Clowney should sit out the 2013 season. He said people in South Carolina are hoping he does not sit out by pointed out a few reasons why he might consider taking the year off. Click below to hear Kornblutt outline why Clowney may elect to sit out in 2013: