On The Red Zone

Monday March 18 2013

Today on the show:

  • During the first hour we broke down the bracket and the guys gave us which teams they think could pull upsets in the first round. Both Hans and John agreed that this years NCAA Tournament is so wide open that anybody can advance.

  • Also in the first hour when we went "ITP" at 12:48 we updated everyone on what the latest is with the Falcons off season and who they might target in free agency.

  • During the second hour, John gave us one of his infamous rants as he went off on the selection committee regarding Miami's seed. He gave a great stat to back up his point that Miami deserved a #1 seed. He said that Miami is the first team in ACC history to win the regular season and tournament titles and did not receive a #1 seed. Hans pointed out that they are a #2 seed and have a relatively easy bracket. Most are picking them to advance to the Final 4.

  • Later on in the show we talked about an interesting new rule the NFL is purposing. They are talking about making it illegal for RB's to lead with their head when breaking tackles. Both Hans and John said this is absurd and don't know any other way RB's are supposed to hit defenders. We also heard from Emmit Smith saying how ridiculous it would be if this new rule comes into effect in the NFL.