On The Red Zone

Tuesday March 12 2013

Today on the show:

- Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams joined the guys at 12:32. He talked about closers in todays game and how most tend to be really good for a few short years and then seem to get hurt. We asked him about Craig Kimbrel and if he thought Kimbrel was on the same path to eventually getting hurt like other top closers in todays game. Here is what he had to say about the mechanics involved in Kimbrel's delivery:

- Mitch also talked about the NL East and what he thinks is one of the best divisions in all of baseball. He went on to say that not only are the Nationals the best team in the East, but the best team in the entire NL. Click below to hear him explain why he considers the Nats such a formidable opponent for the Braves in 2013: