On The Red Zone

Wednesday February 6 2013

Today on The Show:

- At 1:02 we were lucky enough to be joined by former Georgia Tech head coach Bobby Cremins. He had some really interesting things to say about the current state of the Jackets program. He spoke glowingly of Brian Gregory and how great of a coach he is. He definitely believes Coach Gregory has the program on the right track and they will be back to the NCAA tournament soon.

- He likes the idea that the NBA has with the one and done rule. He wishes it could be that all players are required to stay two years in college but one year is bettern than none. Click below to hear his thoughts on why he believes players should stay in school:

- During the second hour of the program we talked about how Nick Saban has suspended the 4 players that were arrested for robbery. Hans and John both said Mark Richt has immediately dismissed players in similar situations before and Saban should have kicked them off the team as soon as the story broke.

- We had an interesting debate today about Nerlens Noel's injury last night in the Kentucky/Florida game. It has been revealed he tore his ACL and is now out for the season. Hans said the one and done rule in the NBA is good and helps the players in the long run. John on the other hand, said players should be allowed to leave high school and go straight to the NBA if they want to. Do you think players like Noel, who know they will be drafted high should have to go to colleg and risk injury? Or is going to college better for the players?

- At 12:48 in our ITP segment we discussed Mark Richt's salary raise and if he should have been paid more a few years ago. He now is the 4th highest paid coach in the SEC behind Saban, Miles, and Spurrier. What do you think? Should he have been given a raise earlier in his career at Georgia?