On The Red Zone

Tuesday February 12 2013

Today on The Show:

  • During the first hour of the show we talked about the Falcons and if they should franchise William Moore. Hans and John both agreed that putting the franchise tag on him would be a smart move for the organization. If he were to leave, the Falcons would be very thin at safety and need Moore on the team.

  • At 12:48 on our ITP segment we discussed Michael Bourn's new contract with the Indians. Hans said he thinks the Braves are better off with the Upton brothers than retaining Bourn. However, he pointed out the team still needs a lead off hitter.

  • At 1:02 long time Penn State beat writer Ron Musselman joined the show to talk about the Paterno families response to the Freeh report. He said that nobody in sports has fallen from grace like Paterno has. Click below to hear exactly what he had to say about the legendary coach:

  • Also towards the end of the show we discussed the 4 Alabama football players who were arrested last night. They are each facing felony robbery charges and are currently in jail. What does this mean for the Tide going forward? Will this affect the depth chart for the 2013 season?