Today on the show:

  • The Falcons moved up in the draft to select CB Desmond Trufant from the University of Washington. Coming up at 12:18 Hans and John will tell you why it was an excellent pick for Atlanta and why they think Trufant will be an immediate impact player in 2013.

  • At 12:32, we will begin to break down the rest of the first round in this years draft. Who were the winners and losers from day 1 of the 2013 NFL Draft? Where will Geno Smith be taken? What about Manti Teo? Hans and John will give their thoughts on it all at 12:32.

  • One of the more interesting things about the NFL Draft is to look back and see where the first round selections were rated coming out of high school. At 12:48 Hans and John will take a look at the high school star ratings of each first round selection. You won't believe how many picks were 2 and 3 stars coming out of high school.


Today on the show:

  • During the first hour of the show, Tony made the statement that Atlanta was the big winner when it came to the new College Football Playoff. He said this because Atlanta was selected as one of the semifinal sites along with the Fiesta, Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Cotton Bowls.

  • Tony made the point that The Chick Fil A Peach Bowl is the only bowl from the group that is not an older bowl that has already hosted BCS Championship Games. This is a huge win for the city of Atlanta and in the future Atlanta should be in the running to host the championship game as well.

  • We spent the majority of the show we dissected the NFL Draft and what the Falcons should do tonight. Tony, Hans, and Doug all agreed the Falcons should look for a good CB in the draft that could possibly play immediately. Hans said in order to draft a CB that can play immediately, the Falcons must trade up to get him. Some names the guys threw out were Desmond Trufant and Dee Milliner. In order to draft either, Hans said the Falcons will need to trade out of their 30th selection.

  • We went deeper into the draft in the second hour and asked the question to Tony, which QB does he like best after watching them all in college? He mentioned a QB he likes is Tyler Bray out of Tennessee. He said Tyler can make all of the throws and has the arm strength to be a good QB in the league.


Today on the show:

  • On the show, Hans decided to put Wes on the spot and make him reveal who he thinks the Falcons will be picking with the 30th overall selection.

  • Wes went on the record and said he thinks the Falcons will select Desmond Trufant- CB out of Washington. We will have to wait until Thursday night to find out if Wes' prediction comes true.

  • To open the show, we played DMX's song "Party Up." We played it in honor of both Upton brothers hitting home runs Tuesday as the Braves swept a double header at the hands of the Rockies. It was 23 degrees out in Colorado yet the Braves bats remained hot throughout both games.

  • Also during the first hour when we went "ITP" we talked about Georgia Tech's T-Day game and Wes gave a recap of what he saw from the Yellow Jackets this spring. He said he saw huge improvement out of the defense and expects big things from that unit this Fall.


Today on the show:

- At 1:18 on Tuesday's show, we were thrilled to be joined by former Tampa Bay Bucs QB Shaun King. Shaun said he does not think the QB's in this years draft class are as bad as some are making them out to be. He said Geno Smith is definitely worthy of the #1 pick but when Kansas City acquired Alex Smith they now won't draft a QB.

- Shaun was asked which QB he likes that not many analysts are talking about. He mentioned a name that many fans across the south are very familiar with. Click below to find out who Shaun thinks has a chance to turn some heads during his NFL career!


Today on the show:

  • We recapped the Braves bad weekend when we went "ITP" at 12:48. The team lost 3 out of 4 to the Pirates but are now out in Denver for a series with the Rockies. Hans mentioned it is a good possibility the game will not get played today because they are expecting 4 inches of snow in Denver tonight.

  • What kind of impact does the addition of Darrelle Revis bring to the Bucs? We were joined by Justin Pawlowski of 98.7 The Fan in Tampa to get his thoughts. He says the fans are very fired up about the addition and are now thinking playoffs for the Bucs. We will ask Shaun King what his thoughts are on the situation on Tuesday's Red Zone.

  • During the second hour of the show we talked about the 1 player in the NFL who has the power to dictate to his team what they should do in the draft. Houston's Andre Johnson says he hopes his team drafts another WR in this weeks draft. It remains to be seen what the Texans will do with their picks but Johnson has made it clear he wants another WR opposite of himself.


Today on the show:

  • Hans and John dove into the Falcons schedule as it was released Thursday night. How is John going to keep warm for the December 8th trip to Green Bay? The Falcons have 5 nationally televised games in 2013 including a big Thursday night game against the Saints in November.

  • Hans and John gave their games they are most looking forward to in 2013 and both of them agreed that the final road game of the year against the 49ers is one that every Falcons fan should have circled on their calendars.

  • The guys also talked about some of the more marquee games around the NFL that they will be looking forward to. Hans said he is excited for the matchup of the Manning brothers when Denver faces off against the Giants. John mentioned the opening game of the year between Baltimore and Denver as one he will be looking forward to.

  • Also, on the show Friday we recapped the Braves 6-4 win over the Pirates Thursday night as the team looks to begin yet another winning streak.

  • Friday night Tim Hudson goes for career win #200 as he toes the rubber against the Pirates.


Today on the show:

- During the first hour of the show at 12:32 we were thrilled to catch up with ESPN NBA Analyst Stephen A. Smith. He talked about the Hawks playoff chances against the Pacers, Josh Smith as a max player, and why more free agents don't want to come play in Atlanta. Click below to hear two separate cuts from Stephen A. talking about the Hawks and more!

- In the second hour the guys were joined by MLB Network Analyst and former baseball star, Cliff Floyd. He told us he actually picked the Braves to win the NL East before the season started and could see a hot start coming for the ball club. He gave several reasons as to why he likes this Braves club so much and they are outlined in the following cuts. Click below to hear three cuts from our interview with Cliff where he talks about the Braves great pitching, not being sold on the Nationals bullpen, and the Braves just being on a different level than any other team in the East.


Today on the show:

  • During the first hour of the show we talked about how the NBA's regular season ends Wednesday night and the playoffs start this weekend. Hans said he thinks the Hawks tanked Tuesday nights game against Toronto so that they can avoid having to play Miami in the second round.

  • Hans said he does not like when teams intentionally lose games because it cheats the fans out of a good product. He would rather the Hawks play the Heat in the second round because it would fill up Phillips Arena with fans and give the team that much more revenue.

  • During the second hour of the show, we talked about an interesting tweet that Peter King of Sports Illustrated sent out this morning. He tweeted that he is hearing the Falcons could be in talks to trade up from the 30th overall pick in the first round to draft a CB.

  • Mike and Hans discussed the possibility of the Falcons trading up to snag a CB earlier in the first round and who might be available if that were to happen.


Today on the show:

- At 12:18 Chip Caray joined Hans and John to talk about the Braves red hot start to the 2013 season. One of the more important things he had to say was the fact that Frank Wren has done a wonderful job of putting this team together. He said its key for the Braves to make changes each year to imporve from the previous year. He pointed out that this year is no different and he likes the new additions to the ball club. Click below to hear his thoughts on the Braves making changes to improve in 2013!

- Later on in the interview, Chip was asked about what will happen to Evan Gattis once Brian McCann returns from his injury. With Gattis playing so well, it will be a tough decision for Fredi Gonzalez to make as to who will catch once McCann is healthy. Click below to hear Chip's thoughts on the catching situation!

- Towards the end of the interview Chip cautioned Braves fans to not get overly confident with the hot start. He said the sweep over the Nationals was a great start but it was only 3 games out of 162. Click below to hear Chip talk about the need for the Braves to be consistent over the entire season!


Today on the show:

- At 1:02 as part of The Barnhart and Durham Spring Tour, the guys caught up with "The Head Ball Coach" South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier. He talked about some of the accomplishments the team has gained since he has been in Columbia. He mentioned that Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Clemson all used to beat the Gamecocks pretty regularly. Now, he said those teams have all lost to South Carolina within he past year. Click below to hear Spurrier talk about having success but also remaining hungry for more in 2013!

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