Monday in The Locker Room

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday in The Locker Room:

  • A busy NFL Sunday requires not one but two Drives Around the League, the first focuses on the Falcons loss at 6:32 and the rest of the league is up for review at 8:18.
  • We'll replay Dave Archer's exclusive locker room interviews with Mike Smith at 7:32, Matt Ryan at 8:02 and Harry Douglas at 8:32.
  • College Football is always on the docket inside the Locker Room and Crump and JP wrap up wild wins for South Carolina and blowout victories for the top 4 in the BCS when we go On Campus at 7:18 and talk to Mr. College Football himself, Tony Barnhart at 9:02.
  • Plus what could top a World Series game ending on an obstruction call? How about with a runner getting picked off first base with the potential tying run standing in the batter's box. We'll makes sense of a wild weekend in St. Louis in The Fly Around at 7:49.