Thursday in The Locker Room

Thursday October 24, 2013

Thursday in The Locker Room:

  • The Boston Red Sox jumped out to a 1-0 World Series lead after the Cardinals booted the ball all around venerable Fenway Park last night. Plus it wouldn't be a big baseball game without the umpiring crew firmly placing themselves in the middle of the action. We'll wrap up a wild second inning and hear from all sides of the issue at 7:32.
  • John Abraham joins us at 8:02 for his only local radio interview this week as he prepares to face his former team on Sunday in Glendale. What does he think of the organization after they let him go and what's going through his mind as he prepares to line up against Matt Ryan and company? He'll tell you at 8:02.
  • Are there more injuries in the NFL or does it just feel that way? We'll ask that question and many more to FOX and NFL Network analyst Brian Billick at 8:32.
  • Thomas Dimitroff joins us at 9:02 to talk about the latest round of roster moves and what's on the horizon as the Falcons prepare to fly west to face the Cardinals.