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The Herd with Colin Cowherd has been ESPN Radio's 10:00AM to 1:00PM ET show since March of 2004. The Herd features topical commentary on the day's most important sports news, perspective on the top stories and interviews with the biggest newsmakers. Colin brings you his personality, his humor, and his unique perspective on sports. The show takes sports issues and broadens them out into a lifestyle-type show that appeals to a mass audience. The mission of the show is to inform, entertain, and make people think.

Recent Episodes

Colin Cowherd delves into why the Broncos are an all-star team, talks with Sal Paolantonio, Trey Wingo and Mark Schlereth and tries to solve California's drought problem.
Colin Cowherd discusses the lack of stars in the World Series and chats with Jeannie Buss, Greg Cosell and Jason Whitlock.
Colin Cowherd discusses Kobe Bryant's response to ESPN the Magazine's recent piece and chats with John Ireland, Charles Barkley and Jeff Fisher.
Colin Cowherd explains why Kobe Bryant isn't finishing his career gracefully, discusses the SEC and chats with Peter King and Henry Abbott.
Colin Cowherd talks about the Jets' acquisition of Percy Harvin, Jay Cutler's deficiencies and chats with Tim Hasselbeck and Trent Dilfer.
Colin Cowherd discusses the Jets' struggles, unveils his "Blazing Five" and chats with Manish Mehta and Tedy Bruschi.
Colin Cowherd talks about the charm of the Royals and chats with Greg Cosell, Daryl Johnston, Bill Polian and Kevin Arnovitz.
Colin Cowherd talks about why he isn't falling in love with the Royals, unveils the Herd Hierarchy and chats with Damien Woody, Keyshawn Johnson and Jim Mora.

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