On Mayhem in the AM

Tuesday on Mayhem

  • Memphis Tigers' head coach Josh Pastner told us about the basketball frenzy that has a hold on the city of Memphis.
  • Josh went on to tell us about the special bond his team has formed with the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as how he thinks the Grizz will fare against the Spurs.
  • Not only does Josh appreciate the relationship with the NBA guys, he told us that he enjoys how the Grizzlies'  success shifts attention towards his own program at Memphis.
  • Coach Pastner tried to relay to us just how passionate the people of Memphis are about their basketball.
  • Former NFL agent and author of Illegal Procedure Josh Luchs joined the show to tell us why so many young NFL players run into financial issues.
  • Josh then told us why $1 Million isn't exactly enough money for today's NFL rookie.