Wednesday on Mayhem in the AM

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday on Mayhem:

  • Could Marcus Lattimore really be ready to play in the NFL next season after suffering yet another knee injury last fall? Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has been in Lattimore's shoes and he'll offer his thoughts at 8:32.
  • The Falcons are making news this week as the NFL descends upon Indianapolis for the scouting combine. Will Tony Gonzalez return this season? Will the team elect not to franchise any of their eligible players? We'll separate fact from fiction at 8:02.
  • Miami is in the headlines for a number of reasons this morning, with Miami again in the crosshairs of the NCAA, the Canes basketball team lighting up the ACC in hoops and the world champion Heat in town to face the Hawks...we'll put all those topics to 790 the Ticket's Jon Weiner when he joins us at 9:02!