Wednesday on Mayhem in the AM

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday on Mayhem:

  • Chris Dimino continues his whirlwind tour of Radio Row at the Super Bowl. We'll bring you the sights and sounds of the Big Easy and sit down with Brian Billick at 9:18 and tennis star Andy Roddick at 9:32.
  • 1980 Olympic hockey captain Mike Eruzione raised a bunch of eyebrows late last week when he announced he will auction off much of his memorabilia from his role in one of the epic moments in sports and American history. We'll ask him why he's parting with his belongings when he joins us at 8:02.
  • The Braves introduced their newest outfielder Justin Upton yesterday at Turner Field and he talked glowingly about the opportunity to play alongside his brother BJ and says he plans to energize the club starting in just a few weeks.