Wednesday on Mayhem in the AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday on Mayhem:

  • What went through his mind in the furious final drive against Seattle? What's it like to win your postseason game? What's the key to poking holes in the 49ers defense? Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan answers those questions and more with us at 8:15!
  • He was the GM of the St. Louis Rams for three seasons and faced the 49ers twice a year while he was there. How does San Francisco shape up from a personnel standpoint? Friend of the show Billy Devaney tells us at 8:32.
  • He'll be in the pressbox here at the Georgia Dome calling the game for Fox alongside three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Troy Aikman, he's Joe Buck and he'll preview the action with Mayhem at 9:02!