Wednesday on Mayhem in the AM

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday on Mayhem:

  • Two more home runs, another blown save for Craig Kimbrel and another loss for the Braves at the hands of the Cincinnati Reds. How concerned should you be about your All-Star closer? We'll tell you at 7:18.
  • The Hawks enter their offseason with only two players under contract, a ton of money to spend under the cap, an aggressive GM and more than likley a new coach, what's the blueprint for Danny Ferry and company as they go about rebuilding the team? ESPN's Tom Penn tells us at 8:32.
  • The Knicks bounced back with an emphatic Game 2 win over Indiana and Mempis answered serve with a gritty road win at Oklahoma City to knot their series as well. Friend of the show, former Georgia Tech player and NBA analyst Matt Harpring joins us at 9:02 to talk playoffs with us.
  • Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops spoke to a local newspaper yesterday and characterized the recent run of dominance as 'propaganda.' Is he crazy? Is he misinformed? Is he right? we'll tell you at 8:02.