Friday on Mayhem in the AM

Frday April 19, 2013

Friday on Mayhem:

  • The NFL has released the 2013 season schedule and the Falcons will play in the maximum allotted five primetime national games. We'll break it down and get ready for the upcoming campaign at 8:02.
  • We're also keeping an eye on the updates from Boston and will keep you abreast of the situation throughout the show.
  • It wouldn't be Friday without 'Buy or Sell' and we'll bring it your way at 8:32.
  • The Hawks are practicing their playoff debut against the Pacers on Sunday, head coach Larry Drew previews the series with us at 9:02.
  • Plus the legend of Evan Gettis grew again last night in Pittsburgh, you'll hear El Oso Blanco's latest feat at 7:50.