Monday on Mayhem in the AM

Monday February 18 2013

Today on Mayhem:

  • During the first hour we talked about the All Star game last night and Chris Paul being named MVP. John and Doug both agreed the game has lost its luster from years before and they wish the NBA could make it more exciting like it used to be. They said the dunk contest is boring along with the three point contest. We discussed several ways in which the NBA could fix its all star weekend issues.

  • John asked the question, has there ever been another player in the NBA like Jordan? He cited his ability to market himself with the Nike shoe line as separating himself from other start NBA players off the floor.

  • We talked about the Falcons free agency possibilities and who they could target. John said if the Falcons could acquire Reggie Bush and pair him in the backfield with Jacquizz Rogers, it would be an excellent move. Doug seemed skeptical of the move saying he was unsure if Rogers and Bush can carry the load for a 16 game season.

  • During the final hour of the show Doug mistakenly sent a text out to every listener who has ever texted 790 The Zone. He meant to send a reply just to one individual texter, but accidentally pushed reply all on his browser. We all had a good laugh at his expense and talked about some of our most embarrassing social media mistakes.