Friday on Mayhem in the AM

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday on Mayhem:

  • The Braves now have two Uptons in the Outfield after swinging a deal for Justin Upton after signing his brother BJ to a free agent deal earlier in the offseason. We'll break down the deal with Braves GM Frank Wren at 8:02 and ESPN's Jayson Stark at 9:32.
  • Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick are hard at work preparing to play in their first Super Bowl, what's that pressure like heading into a game of that magnitude? We'll ask Super Bowl-winning quarterback Doug Williams at 9:02.
  • We'll also roll out the Friday staple Buy or Sell at 8:32.
  • Roger Goodell met the media yesterday in New York to begin the PR push for next year's Super Bowl at Met life Stadium in New Jersey. The Commish didn't seem fazed by the weather, saying that football is meant to be played outdoors in the elements.