Friday on Mayhem in the AM

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday on Mayhem:

  • Still looking for tickets for Sunday's titanic Falcons-Seahawks game? No worries, mate...we'll give you not one but TWO chances to win tickets during today's show at 8:32 and 9:20!
  • Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith makes his weekly visit to the show at 8:02 to preview all the action.
  • It's the unofficial start to the weekend in Atlanta: Buy or Sell at 8:32 and the Mayhem football picks at 8:50!
  • Mark Wahlberg has been working on a movie in the ATL of late and has grown so fond of the Falcons that he gave D-Block and the team a special shout-out prior to Sunday's game. You'll hear it at 9:02!