CBS makes the right doesn't take of village (of idiots) to make a pregame show.

Congratulations to Tony Gonzalez who got a nice paying gig on The NFL Today. It's also great news for the Falcons who get immediate cap relief from Tony's 2014 contract. And great news for football fans everywhere. Maybe the network honchos have seen the light. Less is more, you don't need The Dave Clark Five blabbering away about simple stuff the average fan already knows for an hour. It is of course bad news for Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe

I was a huge Dan Marino fan when he was a player. For many years, when I lived in South Florida Danny Boy was the only reason to buy Dolphins season tickets. But arguably his most compelling moment off the field may have been his cameo in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. I can't remember one interesting thing the man has said in his 12 years on television. Danny was a cliché machine, just another ex-jock talking in sound bites telling you nothing.

Our long National nightmare of Shannon Sharpe butchering highlights has also finally come to an end. Sharpe was an amazing talent on the grid iron. In a television studio, sometimes barely intelligible. Do they not have a medical procedure to make someone's tongue smaller?

I will never understand why producers at CBS or FOX though it was a good idea to let Sharpe or Terry Bradshaw fumble their way through halftime highlight packages, while they have studio hosts who can do it professionally. Seriously, describing a couple of first half touchdowns shouldn't require subtitles.

The only noteworthy moment Shannon Sharpe provided this year, was him crapping on two of his CBS teammates. In a discussion segment about rings validating great quarterbacks, Sharpe said “For a quarterback, at the end of the day, you don’t even get to enter this discussion if you don’t have a championship,” with Super Bowl losers Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason sitting beside him Sharpe added “I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.” Marino admitted it was his biggest professional regret before taking up for Boomer Esiason and circumstances beyond his control in the Bengals heartbreaking loss to the 49ers back in 1989. One more thing,” Sharpe interrupted while back peddling. “Let’s not get carried away — there’s a lot of guys that have Super Bowl rings that are lesser quarterbacks than Dan Marino. So let’s not just say, ‘Oh, he won a Super Bowl". An interesting point, awkward as hell but interesting.

I'm sure both Sharpe and Marino will get another gig. Maybe ESPN is committed to expanding it's thee hours of Sunday morning babble to platoon size.

Three hours of Sunday Morning Countdown? Who in their right mind would sit through that? Granted I have season tickets so at least 8 Sundays I’m tailgating outside The Georgia Dome. Or I'm travelling to watch the Falcons on the road. When I'm home I tune into The Sunday Ticket right at 1pm. Maybe I'll catch ESPN2's Fantasy Football Now for a few minutes before I set my roster. ESPN2 actually gives the fan the only vital information he needs...who's playing? Who’s not?

The roster scratches which are announced less than an hour before kickoff is all the information you need on Sunday morning. If you are a passionate football fan you already know all the big story lines. You have nightly football shows, you have the internet and you have Twitter.

Who actually watches NFL Pregame Shows? What kind of troglodyte can stomach an hour of mindless dumb jock chit chat? The idiotic pick segments without mentioning the actual point spread. '"Well Coach, I like the Lions in this one"...frigging riveting.

The stupid gimmicky stuff, remember when FOX had Jillian Barberie doing the weather? Seriously who's watching this? Is it some hayseed who fell asleep with a corn dog stuck to his wife beater and he can't find the remote because it's buried under the cushion so he can't change the channel?

Let’s hope ESPN and FOX take a cue from CBS and do some downsizing...there's way too much redundancy.

Howie Long who used to seem likable, a guy's guy who got some decent movie gigs years ago wears his glasses and his dour expression like he's a Raider Hamlet, He speaks like he's lecturing on splitting an atom. Michael Strahan should stick to entertaining housewives with Kelly, that's one too many defensive ends...

Jimmy Johnson has been stealing money ever since he ran the Dolphins into the ground.

I still love Mike Ditka. Iron Mike looks like he could snap at any minute and choke out Keyshawn Johnson...and I wish he would. Chris Carter is a better more likable Keyshawn Johnson, so why are they both on the set? How many ego maniacal big mouth wide outs do you need to tell me it's tough to catch a ball in Green Bay in December?

Don't even get me started on NFL Network, it's an on air pension plan for some really unlikable former players. Despite taking great pains to communicate the complexities of the 3 technique they still spend as much time grab assing as the other shows. Rich Eisen could be the only human being more smug than Bob Costas.

Tony Gonzalez will be a breath of fresh air on Sunday mornings. He's a sharp guy who will bring a new perspective to the show. Unfortunately you'll still have Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason being cranky and clichéd. So Tony, like every other ex-jock on TV will be forced into giving condensed 20-30 second sound bites. Let’s hope they give him a platform to highlight his skills and tell us something we don't already know.

That's the thing on all the network shows, they never say anything. The average fan has already gotten his "inside info" from NFL Live's midweek shows on ESPN, or from Adam Schefter on Twitter. These studio pregame shows could all be chopped down to 30 minutes....or less!

Who watches this crap? Probably the same dopes who watch American Idol on FOX or the silly alphabet soup procedural cop dramas on CBS.

Let’s hope the dumbing down of football pregame gets a much needed reboot when Tony Gonzalez steps into the studio this fall.

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