Mind of Michaels

After a week and some change at Falcons camp, this team has everything it takes to make a deep playoff run. Sure the pass rush, and the offensive line are works in progress, but with Matt Ryan and company in place the sky is the limit. 

A couple of random observations:

- Julio Jones has evolved in 2 plus years to a guy who now should be mentioned among the elite in the NFL. While Roddy is still number 1 for now, Julio looks like the best player on the field every single day at Flowery Branch. 

- The swagger of Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford is witnessed on seemingly every play. Alford was scolded by Mike Smith for physical play on Monday, but it doesn't stop the second rounder from attacking at the line of scrimmage and excel in press coverage. Trufant has been picked on from time to time, but bounces right back with some stellar plays of his own. So far so good for Thomas Dimitroff's first 2 selections.

- Levine Toilolo and Joplo Bartu are 2 guys to watch for in the preseason. Toilolo is catching everything thrown his way, and has taken advantage of Tony Gonzalez taking a few days off. Bartu is a relative unknown, but please pay attention to him....he has a really good chance to make this team.

- MLB is dropping the ball in a gigantic way with the ARod HGH suspension. There is talk that he will be able to play on Monday if he appeals the suspension, because Bud Selig didn't make the suspension for Conduct Detrimental to the Game. Selig has a great opportunity to send a message....not a measly 50 or 100 game message, but a LIFETIME message. Instead they are taking the chicken bleep way! ARod should be done forever, and erased from the annals of baseball. 

- Tiger was great this weekend, but can he do it a week from now?.....I'll go on a limb and say yes, and yes by 2 strokes or more. He needed the confidence boost after a struggle on Sunday at the British. This weekend was just what he needed.

- The NCAA rule on suspending players for making money by selling autographs or their own merchandise is outdated and flat out stupid. With that being said, we've seen in the past (AJ Green) that the one thing the NCAA rules hard and fast on is that rule. If Johnny Manziel, who I've defended for every action he's had this summer, actually made 5 figures for selling his signature, then he deserves to be suspended for at minimum half the season if not more. I mean how stupid can he be? The September game vs Alabama will not be nearly as important if the Heisman Trophy winner is not there. 

- Surgery scheduled for Friday....not looking forward to it, but the thought of 40% less strength in my right arm makes it mandatory. 

Cant wait to talk to you all at the Dome Thursday night!