'Grantland, Where are You?'

I just saw a headline on Bleacher Report.com which said, "Foles Beating Vick in Training Camp"...What, say WHAT..? If that is true then The Eagles are breaking NFL rules by conducting full contact scrimmages, because it's almost impossible to look better than Michael Vick in jocks and socks...! When James Cameron produces a futuristic, Avatar-like, animated pigskin movie extravaganza, then you can bet dollars to donuts, Vick is the QB they will hook up to wires and contact patches so they'll know how Pegasus is supposed to move when they draw him up at quarterback..! Simply put, it's impossible to look better than Mike Vick in training camp..!

I glanced at another blog which suggested that the 'N.Y. Jets are Toying with Using Geno'...! The Jets can't help themselves; they have become a laughing stock. Can you imagine, after bungling the Tebow acquisition a year ago, they've reverted right back again, to creating uncertainty in the mind of Mark Sanchez and undermining his ability to perform?

The Jets, I can't explain...The only rationale is that Rex Ryan is overwhelmed with tootsie fantasy and infatuation and can't help himself, but the suggestion that Foles is outplaying Vick in passing drills is just more of the absurdities we are being fed by young, independently wealthy fans, just out of college, who think they'll try sports reporting on the internet, or sports talk radio, rather than getting a job and having to go to work.

This is what prosperity has done to America...Sports are a microcosm of society and if kids are devoid of a work ethic in sports media, then it is so throughout business and industry...Grandpa did all the heavy lifting, producing children of their children, who feel entitled...Work, experience, diligence and striving are attributes on the wane...

Can you imagine Grantland Rice reporting to your grandfather the nonsense we read and hear today..?