Gung Ho

Go ahead and say it, ‘Beau Bock’s a sucker’ and I’ll readily admit I am..I’m a sucker for every aggressive, overachieving, underdog team on the planet…Looking back, I think I have always leaned in that direction…I’m one of those ‘never say die’ kind o’ saps…! I am probing and scavenging my mind (?) as I write this, and thinking maybe it’s because I’ve been on only one team in my life that was billed as elite, and that was my NYC, high school basketball team. My University of Miami football team should have been, considering the talent on hand, but our coach, Charlie Tate, was conservative, moderate and unadventurous, and so, the cream never rose.

I founded Old White (The color, not the race) Rugby in 1974, and was their coach and captain for the first 8 yrs. We immediately won our first year, by year two was barnstorming the country winning regional tournaments, and just this past campaign went to the National Championship Round of 16…Y’know why? Because we wanted to, and set our mind to it, and refused to be denied…!

Perhaps my affinity for the underdog has been enhanced by my years in Atlanta. Imagine, the Hawks have futilely labored for 23 yrs without a credible head coach? Our Braves, with the most talented lineup and one of the all-time pitching staffs went 1-13, because of a lethargic, languid manager…Our Falcons could never find a savvy, smart, aggressive coach who challenged, and when we finally lucked into one, we ran him out of town..! AND, our sports media, the softest, least intuitive, of any big league, pro sports town in America, never recognizes, or supports athletic aptitude, hustle, aggressiveness and only applaud those in the hi-light reels, drives me absolutely bonkers…!

So, yes, I always have been a proponent of Pat Riley and the Miami Heat and what they have done, but forgive me, I’m just a sucker for an underdog team who is aggressively coached and goes about their business the right way…!

Gung Ho, Man the Torpedoes, Hit the Beach…All that kind o’ stuff…!