Notes from cocktail napkins...Murder in New England &...Big 3 get 'er done

Notes from cocktail napkins...murder in New England &...Big 3 get 'er done



Geez...this Aaron Hernandez story just gets creepier by the minute. As I write this, reports out of Boston say he's about to be charged with obstruction of justice. Sure he's innocent until proven guilty, but I don't know many innocent guys who take a hammer to their cell phone before handing it over to the police. Or call a cleaning crew in a la Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction to destroy any evidence.


Even more bizarre than the circumstances surrounding Hernández and the potential murder scene, are the stories coming out of Florida. He allegedly shot a friend driving home from a Ft Lauderdale strip club back in February. The victim was shot in the arm with the bullet eventually landing in his noggin and he's lost an eyeball! A civil suit has been refiled which has many wondering why this guy never pressed criminal chargers. Was Hernandez buying his silence? And now that he may have stopped paying off the guy, he's taking the Patriots tight end to court...


Or how about a story from Gainesville in 2007 where Hernandez and some other Gators players may have been involved in a shooting off campus after a run in with some dudes in a bar. Urban Meyer brought Tim Tebow in, but looking back now...between Can Newton, Percy Harvin and Hernandez it looks more like Boys Town than an SEC Football program...some character student athletes at Florida huh?


Now you hear stories coming out of Boston saying Hernandez is a hot head, doesn't hang with his Patriot teammates choosing instead to run with his childhood pals from the wrong side of the tracks in Bristol, CT. He allegedly had a run in with a guy in a bar near the Brown campus in Rhode Island just last month which necessitated calling the cops to break it up. . There's also a story that he threatened to beat up Wes Welker during his rookie year... (so maybe he's not all bad).


Either way it's a mess for the Patriots. Gronkowski just wrapped up his 5th surgery and now Aaron Hernandez looks more likely to catch passes from a guy named Spider in County lock up than from Tom Brady...


If some in the Patriots organization thought Tim Tebow might cause a distraction...get ready for the 24/7 media circus that will accompany an NFL Pro Bowler involved with a murder just 12 miles from Foxboro. 


Great win for LeBron, he gave us those Michael Jordan type moments in game 7 including the jump shot to put the game away. What I'm going to remember most from this series was San Antonio uncharacteristically choking away game 6. Manu Ginobli's 24 point effort in game 5 was overshadowed by too many turnovers and missed free throws in game 6. And like most people I had a hard time following Greg Popvich's logic for not having Tim Duncan in there at the end of regulation in game 6.


The Big 3's legacy is secure in South Beach although some guys (ok, me) think they need at least 3 titles to validate the decision to create a pre made all-star team. It will be interesting to see what kind of tweaks Pat Riley makes to this team in the off season and will Chris Bosh be a part of it moving forward...