Y’know what..? Tim Pernetti has to be fired as well…!

Tim Pernetti is the Rutgers University Athletic Director who just terminated the
contract of basketball coach Mike Rice, after video of various practices showed
Rice pushing, shoving and heaving balls at his players. His language toward these
men was also reprehensible.

This morning I saw a post-firing video of Rice in which he was contrite and
conciliatory. BALONEY…Isn’t that always the post mortem of bullies. In losing his
job, Rice got less than he deserved. He deserved to be tied to a chair at midcourt
with his players taking turns firing balls at him. I realize that response smacks of
the same immature, irrational behavior displayed by Coach Rice, but…. I’m sorry,
I see this type of bullying committed by make believe coaches and, unfortunately
most of the time, it is from volunteer coaches at the youth level, and it just drives
me absolutely insane….!

One of Rice’s assistant coaches admitted that whenever the athletic director
was in the gym, Rice’s behavior and coaching tactics were sane, controlled
and instructional…As soon as Pernetti left, though, all hell broke loose and the
practice court, once again, became an asylum for mayhem….

Tim Pernetti was incompetent. How can an athletic director not be aware of how
his school’s practices, in each of his sports, are being conducted? Forget wins and
losses, which as you would expect, were not very good, but how can you evaluate
a coach, without monitoring his practices…?