‘Iceberg Looming’ for Heat

Tonight’s the night…’No, not for you Jeraldo’, but for the Miami Heat…They’ll
blow into the Windy City like a mistral out of the south, and when they leave,
they’ll either have the consecutive games record tucked safely in their warm-ups,
or, Chi-town will be reveling in an ego boosting dose o’ satisfaction.

Yeah, I know Miami is still six games away from tying the Lakers record for
consecutive wins, but this is the night when the prince slips the slipper on
Cinderella, this is when the glittery apple descends on Times Square and strikes
midnight…Right now…Yes, even as we speak, LeBron and Wade are steaming
toward Chicago, peering over the bow, like Leonardo and Kate, unaware of the
icy block looming before them, a menacing iceberg known in the NBA, as Chicago
Bulls pride..! Oh, the Heat will face San Antonio Friday night, but Coach Pop is
more concerned with overall success than with tokens of notoriety, so the Spurs
will not present the mental menace that the iceberg will tonight.

I find it interesting that many are wondering if the Heat squad would defeat
the ’95-’96 Bulls. I’m usually not enthralled by comparisons, but this one’s a
doozy, and, because I never doubt Michael, I have surprised myself by choosing
Miami. The reason…? Dwayne Wade..! Scottie Pippen was a poor, frustrated,
mentally soft Tonto, to Michael’s Kimosabe…Conversely, Dwayne Wade is as
mentally tough, and only a sliver less talented than Mike and ‘Bron…Dwayne
Wade would be the difference…..But I digress….

If you watch only one NBA affair this season, make it tonight…Miami has been
plowing the high seas, but there’s an iceberg looming….!