‘Bodies in Motion’

Falcons awarded valuable compensatory picks

Yesterday the NFL awarded the Falcons four compensatory picks in April’s
upcoming draft for the loss of Kelvin Hayden, Eric Weems and two others…One of
those picks is in the 4th round, while three are in the 7th ….. Probably not a great
deal to get excited about, except that we get an opportunity to pluck 3 of the
best athletes remaining in the seventh, before they become free agents and are
on the market for every team…Maybe there’s another Jesse Tuggle, sweating in
obscurity, as the Hammer was coming out of Valdosta State….

One thing is for certain…We will get younger and faster, which for many teams
is good, while for us, is an absolute necessity. One of the Falcons criticisms
a year ago was our perceived lack of intensity…I say ‘perceived’ because
there really was no concrete evidence that we didn’t play with intensity, it just
looked that way because of an overall lack of ballistic motion. Now, with these
compensatory picks, even with a lackluster appeal on paper (with the exception
of the 4th rounder), we will be younger, faster, quicker in training camp,
and the result will be intensity…INTENSITY is CONTAGIOUS, and is the mother of

Forget looking at names on a roster…San Francisco and Seattle, our main
adversaries for an NFC Championship, made dramatic moves in free agency
and we matched them with Steven Jackson. Now, perhaps the only remaining
advantage for them over us is…. physicality…!

These 3 additional seventh round picks are not glamorous, but neither is
intensity…Intensity, though, is simply a necessity. More bodies in motion…? We’ll
take ‘em….!