notes from cocktail napkins...

Adding Steven Jackson makes the Falcons the best offense in the NFL...period.

Falcons really blew me away yesterday with the Steven Jackson signing. Always thought the price would be too high but for only $4million guaranteed you really can't argue with a move that makes the Falcons the newest version of the greatest show on turf.

Still have to find a defensive end but the good news is the market has softened significantly. Cliff Avril signed a 3 year deal with the Seahawks worth less than what the Lions offered him last summer and Michael Bennett also moves to Seattle for one year at just $5million.

Two things to think about, one for sure is Seattle is gonna be a beast next year. But the silver lining is that remaining older free agent defensive ends like Osi Umenyiora and maybe Richard Seymour will be available at bargain prices.

Maybe Grimes is back after finding he (and his wife) over valued the market on a DB coming off an Achilles injury?

Still more moves to be made, maybe find the next great Falcons DB in the draft. Lots of talent on d-line too all the experts agree.

Getting back to the Steven Jackson signing...don't ya love the fact we get a real bad ass in the backfield. No more cringing in the stands when the ball is handed off to Michael Turner. We have the guy that can get you the tough yards. He's no Spring chicken for sure but with Quizz getting some touches he should be more than healthy enough to get it done.

I love it...took a second to get my head around it, figuring Dimitroff would draft an RB in the middle rounds...but how cool is that?

Just got to hope the offensive line can gel without Todd McClure at center...

But for Falcon fans another reason to be psyched for next season. We're a better team than we were yesterday.