Official Release: Falcons-Seahawks Post-Game Quotes


Opening Statement:
“This was a very tough game for us today in all three phases; offense, defense and special teams. We couldn’t get into a rhythm offensively. We couldn’t stop their offense defensively, and we really didn’t do anything to help us on special teams. I do feel like our guys are playing hard. We just physically didn’t win the line of scrimmage today, on both sides of the football. It’s definitely not the type of football we’re accustomed to playing around here…a lot off disappointed people.”

On putting in the second string:
“We’re going to play every game to win. We owe that to the guys in that locker room, we owe that to our fans, and we owe that to everybody that is associated with our football team. You only get 16 opportunities to go out and compete, and you want to win every single time you go out and play, you want to put your best players out there.”

On worrying about the playoffs:
“We can’t worry about the playoff picture. The only thing we can worry about is the next day, tomorrow, and that is Monday when we get back together. We have to go day-by-day and get this thing turned around. We’re not playing the type of football that we’re capable of playing across the board. We’re not coaching well enough; we’re not putting guys in situations to make plays. When guys have opportunities to make plays, they’re not making them. That is why we are not getting the outcomes that we want as a team.”

On why he sent the starters back out:
“We’re going to go out there and try to score every opportunity we can. That is the competitor in me, that is the competitor in this organization and that is the competitor in the players that are out there playing. “


On the three consecutive three-and-outs to start the game:
“Certainly not the way that we wanted to start. We didn’t do well enough on first downs and you have to do that when you’re going up against a good football team; convert early on the third downs and extend drives. We just didn’t do a very good job of that, specifically in the first half. Consequently it put us behind.”

On having trouble starting games quickly on offense this year compared to in the past:
“Just speaking about today I think that on first and second downs we put ourselves in some third and longs early on. I think you have to be a little more productive on first and second down in order to be in those third and two-to-fives that you like to be in. We had a couple of them but we didn’t convert. I think it boils down to being more efficient on first and second downs, and then when you have those opportunities on third and manageable you have to take advantage of it.”

On this season so far:
“I think it’s been frustrating. Obviously we’re nine games into it and certainly not even close to where we want to be, and that makes it difficult. Guys should be angry. We all put a lot into this and we all work hard, so when it doesn’t turn out the way that you want it to I think that is disappointing and frustrating, but you have to keep going. You have to keep working hard and you have to keep at it week in and week out and try and remain focused on trying to get a win next week. I think that’s where our mindset has to be right now. You’re wasting your time if you’re thinking about what you’ve done the last three weeks.”

On the inefficiency of the run game today:
“We just didn’t get it going. We’ll have to go back and watch the tape to try and find out the reasons for why we were unable to get the run game going. It’s certainly something that we need to do better. There are several things that, as a team and as an offense, we need to do better at and that’s one of them.”

On the team goals for the remainder of the season:
“Win next week. I think that’s what the mindset has to be. You can’t worry about all the things that are said and where we are and things like that. You have to win next week. Guys have to get back into work tomorrow, be angry about it, be frustrated with where we’re at, and use that as fuel. We have to use that as motivation to get out there and work our tails off and be a better football team next week.”

On if the team is frustrated:
“Yeah, I think some of the guys are angry. No question about it. As well they should. I think there are a lot of guys in that locker room that expect better of themselves, myself included. The only way that I think I know how to fix it is to get back to work. You have to keep your head down and keep going.”

On the involvement of WR Roddy White:
“We were trying to get him involved. We got him the catch early and he ran a great route. I thought that he played pretty well for us today we just didn’t get him the ball as much as we needed to. We’ll have to watch the film and figure out why some of the things that we designed didn’t work and where we need to be better. For us to be more efficient we have to get him the ball more than we did today.”

On the difference of the team’s performance in close games this year compared to last year:

“It is such a fine line. That’s why the NFL is as popular as it is and as competitive as it is, because each game, today being the exception, most of these games come down to three or four plays. We’ve been on the wrong end of that [this year] but we’ve been on the right end of that a lot in the past. We have to find a way to get back on the right side. Are we surprised or shocked? No, because we know how tough it is in this league. We’re really disappointed with where we’re at though. We feel like we’re capable of better.”


Thoughts on the game:
“It wasn’t very good, I’ll tell you that. They got us. They got us in every phase of the
game it seems like. Defensively they came out and they stopped us. Offensively they
kind of imposed their will on us with the running game. Special teams they got after us. It just wasn’t a very good day for us, as a Falcon. So, we got to go back to the drawing board. We’re not going to give up, that’s never the case with us. That’s not the attitude we bring to the table. We had a good week of practice. They just came out and they played better. I don’t think there’s any excuse that I can come up with; they just outplayed us in every phase of the game, and that’s what happened, wasn’t even close.”

On Coach Smith’s comments about every guy being accountable:
“That’s what you got to do. It serves no one when you go out there and start pointing
fingers. It’s important that you stick together as a team, don’t start playing the blame
game because I’ve seen it happen before. That’s not good for a team. We still have
seven games left, so it’s important that we regroup, understand that we have a long
season and make sure we go out there and don’t play like that ever again, not this year.”

On trading jerseys with Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman:
“That’s what happens when you’re an old guy, and they know it’s you last run. He said, ‘Hey, I’m probably not going to see you for a while.’ So he took the jersey. He’s on his way. He’s such a good player. I’m glad I got his jersey. I don’t know if that’ll be the last time this year, I’m sure a lot of people are going to be asking for my jersey as the season approaches the end cause they know this is my last run.”



On whether or not he feels 100% on the field:
“I am 100 percent. This is my third week back and I do feel 100 percent.”

On playing against Seattle:
“Seattle did a really good job of having a defense scheme for us overall. X’s and O’s, I think they did a really good job of executing their game plan on how they wanted to
tackle us as an offensive unit and against our run game.”

On whether are not he’s frustrated:
“Of course I’m frustrated. Yes, I am.”

On the approach of the team going forward:
“You know the thing about it is you have to keep chipping away. No one is going to
come in the locker room and save us, we have to save ourselves. Tomorrow, we have to look at the film, try to correct the things that we did wrong and move on. We can’t dwell on it. One thing about being a professional, you have to acknowledge the things you made a mistake on and move on to the next one.”


On the season:
“We’re still fighting even though the season isn’t going the way we want it to go. We got to come in on Monday, and fix the things we need to fix to get it turned around.”

On how they turn things around:
“Keep working hard, and being more detailed on the little things. Fixing those things, I think that’ll help a lot.”

On the running game:
“It’s nothing in particular. Us as running backs, we have to find a way to make it right.
It’s grinding out there, you know teams are going to stack the box. We just have to do a good job and make sure we’re running hard.”



Do you feel like the team came out flat today:
“No, I don’t feel like we came out flat. First of all, I felt like we had a great week of practice and believed that we could get the victory leading into the game. The first couple of series we held their offense to just six points. We played hard today but just didn’t make enough plays in the game to beat that ball club. We just have to continue to get better as a football team.”

Did the trick play in the first half change the momentum:
“I think that was a big play for their offense, as to some degree, did change the momentum. We wanted to make sure we limited their big play ability, but give them credit for executing that play.”


What were your thoughts on the game:
“My first thought is that we need to start out faster in the games. We need to make plays at the onset to put us in better position to win. We knew we were facing an excellent team in the Seattle, and recognize the importance of getting out to a good start.” We just didn’t get it done.”

How tough is this loss:
“It’s really tough because you put so much hard work into the preparation only to lose. We just have to continue to stay strong mentally as a team and find a way to win.”


On his performance:
“From an individual’s standpoint, you just do your job, and play your best ball each down.”

On team feeding off his momentum:
“I just do my part and keep as many guys into it as I can. When one of the guys makes a big play, I want to be one of the first guys over there to celebrate with them.”

On week leading up to today’s game:
“We had a good week of practice, but we have to do better now. We have to find a way to win games, and be willing to do whatever it takes.”


Opening Statement:
“Wow, what a game. We knew we had a long road trip coming here and had an emphasis on that in practice and I think it was our most complete game of the year. We couldn’t wait to get out on the football field. We were rock solid in all three phases. Defense played well with the exception of those penalties, the guys played great. On offense, we really hoped we turned the corner in the running game.
I think the strength of this game was the three guys playing; Bowie (T Mike Bowie), Alvin (T Alvin Bailey) and Lem (C Lemuel Jeanpierre), just an outstanding job on the offensive side of the ball. We ran the ball well, we protected the ball well. We have a chance to get some guys back next week but didn’t miss a beat and that’s a big accomplishment. RB Marshawn (Lynch) ran the ball well. He played well and ran
the ball like crazy. QB Russell (Wilson) played a complete game. He took care of business and one time he got banged a little bit and the one sack he took, he knows that is on him. He did a really good job across the board. The play of the receivers, Golden (Tate) had a fantastic game, the catches he makes in practice all the time, he made that today. I was thrilled to see the officials could see that he caught it with his one hand and stuck with it with one hand. It was a fantastic catch and throw. The execution was just great and now we are ready to go home. We have had a lot of travel so far this year and it doesn’t matter what time zone we are playing in we survived and that is going to be a big plus for us as we finish out the season.”

On RB Marshawn Lynch setting the tempo:
“I think Marshawn definitely sets the tempo for us that’s just how he is. He has been playing so consistently. I don’t know if you could see it from the sidelines with so many people down there but he had some great catches. He just continues to play consistent and make the plays. He is our guy and we are counting on him and that is just the way he is.”

On missing 5 starters and not making excuses and what does that say about the team:
“Across the board it has been really, really important for the next man to step up. You could see that today with Lem Jeanpierre coming in and playing a really good football team and not missing a beat.“

The play of DT Michael Brooks:
“He had a great week of practice and we wanted to get him in there. He did a great job for us today.”


On overall team performance:
“Yeah, I thought we did a great job on all phases of the game. I thought we were
phenomenal today, offense, defense and special teams. I thought we were really locked in. I truly believe that like I always say the separation is in the preparation. Just the way we prepared all week. All week everybody was really tuned in to what we needed to do and having that mentality going in is really good for us and we just have to keep going.”

On having a great week of practice:
“You go into the week and you want to have great practices every single week. I think we’ve really been doing that. Every game we’ve had a really solid practice and I think that is the biggest thing for us is continuing to grow. There’s still some areas in there we can grow but I thought overall we were really locked in today. I felt locked in. I felt lasered in today. So I thought we did a great job. The offensive line, you have to give credit to them. Marshawn Lynch running for 145 yards, that’s a lot of credit to the offensive line. A lot of guys stepping up. You’ve got Lem (Lemuel Jeanpierre) stepping up in the center position. You’ve got [Michael] Bowie in the right tackle position, and Paul McQuistan still doing a great job at left tackle and also [Alvin] Bailey coming in as well, so to have that much versatility in the offensive line position is great for us. We’re really excited to hopefully get Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini back soon as well.”

On Jermaine Kearse’s play today:
“Jermaine was one of those guys at the beginning of the year that I thought was going to have a breakout season. He does so many things so well. He works at his craft every day. I really noticed that when we were throwing down in LA this offseason with everybody, he did everything right. Obviously, we have Doug Baldwin who is looking terrific right now. He had a tremendous rookie year last year. He was kind of hurt for a decent amount of the year, but he came back really strong when he came back so he’s doing a phenomenal job. And we’ve also got Golden Tate who is still quick as a cat.”


On losing Bryan Walters and play of wide receivers:
“We think we needed to step up. We just knew we were going to go out there and do what we do. Losing [Bryan] Walters was a big hit to us emotionally because he is our leader in our room but we have talent all across our board and we have been saying this since day one. I have said it before; I believe our receiving core is probably one of the best in the League because we have guys that can do everything. There was no doubt. We didn’t expect any drop off at all.”

On a crisper passing game:
“We have been able to keep Russell [Wilson] up. He has been taking some hits. I think in the past two games we have only had one sack. That sack that happened today I do not think we are necessarily going to count that because he was out of the pocket. So we have been able to keep him up and allow him to look down the field and make plays.”


On his touchdown catch:
“The offensive line did a great job of holding up for us. We went into the game thinking we wanted to take advantage of their defensive backs and we did. I ran a decent route. Russell was pretty sold, either I was getting it or no one was getting it and I had to have some discipline. I knew if I had jumped he was going to push me out of bounds so what the heck, why not. It was a great ball, the ball was dry, and a
great play was made.”


On today’s game:
“Doug Baldwin had a great game, Golden Tate had a great game, and the running game was great. I felt that we played a complete game on offense and we just have to continue to do that. We are going to go ahead and look at the film, fix the mistakes we made out there and just try to move on and execute better.”


On the changes between last week and this week:
“Just a re-focus. Last week we wanted to hit and I felt like we came into this game and we did that. We knocked these guys around a little bit and hit them. Each week we have been getting better and that is all you can ask for. We are just taking it one game at a time, one week at a time, try to be one and zero very week and out-hit your opponent every week.”


On the respect that he showed Tony Gonzalez at the end of the game:
“He’s a Hall of Famer and been a great player in this League for a long time. You always respect great players. You respect the game in that sense. It’s an honor to play against him.”

What does this roll you are all on feel like right now:
“It feels good but it feels like we haven’t played our best ball. It feels like we have room to grow. We are getting Percy (Harvin) back next week I think. We are getting our left and right tackles back (on offense) next week so it’s yet to be seen how far we can take it. “

Where does that maturity come from:
“It comes from Pete (Carroll) and from the guys we have around here. We don’t have a lot of guys who are like oh we have arrived. I think the coaches do a great job keeping us humble and in the mindset that you have never arrived or reached your peak. We are always competing to become the best.”


What do you attribute the way the team is playing right now:
“Just the connection that we have. We enjoy each other out there and that is what I think makes us the best. We really know each other and I don’t think people know the magnitude that we go to find out about the other person in the offseason.”

How much fun are you having right now:
“The fun is the journey. I am really enjoying the whole process. This is one of the best football teams that I have ever been on especially secondary-wise. You enjoy even the little things about the guys around you. The personalities and what they say. They might say some crazy stuff and it brightens up your day. Just little stuff like that which you pay attention to and appreciate.”

Where are you at from a confidence level:
“We are always going to be confident. I think we have the right to because we prepare well and practice hard every time. Like I said, we have the same vision and are tied on a string and very connected.”