Opening statement:
“Everybody is ready for the regular season to start. As we go through the preseason, as a coaching staff you want to evaluate a lot of your young players. I felt we were able to accomplish that this preseason. We have some very tough decisions to make over the next day or two, in terms of the 53 men we are going to keep on our roster. It is never an easy thing to do. These guys have worked extremely hard for us in their quest to be a member of an NFL team. We will trim our roster down over the next 48 hours and then we will switch our focus over very quickly to our opener in New Orleans, a week from Sunday.”

On the decision to rest so many of the starters:
“We wanted to rest as many as we felt we needed to. We had some guys we specifically wanted to get work; I believe there were 20 of the starters that did not participate in the ball game. We have done it differently over the last four years. If you do your research you can see sometimes, it’s one series, 2010 we did not play any of our starters in the 4th preseason game. That is just a decision you have to go with
your head and mindset. Our mindset this year more than anything is to try and get to game number one as healthy as possible. I think we have done a pretty good job at doing that.”

On the biggest concern of the game:
“The biggest concern is the number of penalties. Tonight, we had nine penalties and some of them don’t show up. We had a five-yard penalty for example on a punt where we had an illegal man down field, the ball was kicked down in the two yard line, after the re-kick the ball was down on the 37-yard line, it was a bout a 35 plus yard change in field position. That doesn’t show up on your stat sheet, but that is a big difference in the ball game. We had nine penalties; we had personal fouls, one in the kicking game, and one on third down. I don’t think we have been as efficient as we need to as a team on third down. Again, tonight we were only 24% in our third down efficiency. Those are probably the three things. Again, that is the entire team, not just the ones or twos or threes. We’ve got to look at who is taking the snaps and when they are taking the snaps as well.

On RB Josh Vaughan:
“Josh Vaughan had a great run. I thought he blocked extremely well and thought he showed some speed there to run away from their defense. Josh is a very hard worker for us. It was great to see him have that individual success tonight.”

On how penalties will affect how they will evaluate the cuts:
“The evaluation process will not just be based on one game. It is going to be determined by the whole body of work. That body of work started back in April. The penalties are not going to be the deciding factor, they will be a factor. It is a long process, these guys started back in April. For the rookies, they started as soon as their season ended last year. They have not had any rest up until this point.”

On DE Jonathan Massaquoi:
“When you score a touchdown on defense that is a big play. That was a very nice play. It was good to see Jonathan get some significant playing time. He was one of the young guys we wanted to see play a significant number of snaps. He did that tonight and he was productive in his opportunities. I reallythought that our defense did a nice job tonight. Their third down efficiency was pretty good. They were
six for 18 on third down, which was good.”

On LB Brian Banks:
“Brian is a guy that has not played football in 10 years. He has really matured and progressed as a football player since we’ve had him on our roster. He has been a great teammate to the guys in the locker room.”

On how the cutting process will go:
“When you get down to 53 that are in different maturation points in the process they go through individually. There are going to be some guys that we will be counting on day one that are young guys. We are going to have some guys that we are going to have to develop, and maybe won’t play as many snaps, but be able to contribute on special teams, and will continue to get an understanding of what we are trying to do offensively and defensively. It really depends on the player. The draft picks we picked, we have been really impressed with this group. They have worked really hard and there are going to be guys who will help us win games this year.”

On CB Robert Alford:
“It was nice to see Robert come back. Playing cornerback in the National Football League, you have to have a short memory, not only from play to play but definitely from week to week. I think one of the earlier attempts they had; Robert made a great play on the ball. He has a great skill set and I really believe he will be a great football player for us. He will help us win games this year. It was great to see Desmond have a pick as well. Both of those guys were very active.”

On how much weight you put on the preseason:
“Every time you go out on the field, as a competitor you want to win. No doubt about that. Everybody in the organization that is what we want to do. Our number one goal in the preseason, behind winning, is to evaluate these guys, put them in situations that we need to find out about these guys.

On getting extra reps in tonight’s game:
“You have to be prepared for stuff like that. I take every rep I can get and try and learn the game, try to get better at what I do, and that’s pretty much about it.”

On reviewing his performance over the next few days:
“Just go in the tech and film room and see what I did good, see what I did bad and try and correct the mistakes I made and hopefully try to be the best backup I can.”

On competing to win tonight’s game:
“Oh of course. Every game you want to win. Every game is never, not important. Every game is important and I try and win everything I do. I try and do good in everything I do. A loss is a loss and I put that on me. I’m just going to go into the film room and see what I did good and what I did bad and just learn from my mistakes and get better at it.”

On leaving the game then re-entering later:
“I mean you have to be prepared for stuff like that. You just have to refocus and lock back in and just go back out there and do what you do.”

On how he views the preseason games as a whole:
“Everything is a learning experience. Just do what you do and learn from the mistakes. Preseason is just getting back into it and getting ready for the regular season and getting ready for New Orleans.”

On him and Desmond Trufant getting interceptions:
“It was real good. We were both picked in the draft, and for us to come out and compete and get an interception, it was truly a blessing.

On whether or not he’s ready for the season:
“Yes sir. We believe in the coaches, and the things that they show us, the fundamentals. We’ve been working every day to get better and better.”

On the highs and lows of the past couple of months:
“Everything has been highs, for the most part. I haven’t really had too many lows. Just focused out here, been fully consumed in trying to make this team, trying to catch up to all of the years that I’ve missed out of football. My learning curve is definitely different from a lot of the guys here. Whereas, I was learning a lot of the one-on-one, basic things of football, as well as the intermediate things of football
and meshing them all together at once in a small period of time. It was definitely challenging, but I’ve enjoyed myself the whole time.”

On him and Robert Alford getting an interception this game:
“It was cool. Hopefully the first of many, but we have to keep working. You can never be satisfied on anything. So, I’m just ready to watch the film and get better on that.”

On whether or not he’s ready for the season opener:
“Yes, definitely. I’ve been trying to get better every day. That’s been my motto: to always progress. Don’t ever get comfortable. Don’t ever think you got the ‘hay in the barn,’ as they say.”

Opening statement:
“First of all just really pleased with how everybody competed tonight. I thought it was a great illustration, we started off with an interception, we bounced back and went down and scored close to halftime, two unfortunate turnovers which lead to their scores. I felt like we had to see how we could bounce back. We challenged the team at halftime in the locker room and really wanted to see if we could get them to come back from that adversity and I thought they did a great job of demonstrating that. It wasn’t perfect at times but our guys really played hard and I appreciate that. I’d like to special mention Dan Gerberry and LaRoy Reynolds, both of those guys played the whole game and didn’t take a break and it’s a credit to them. We had many guys that played quite a few plays. It was a great evaluation tool for us and we will be able to watch through tonight and tomorrow. It’s bittersweet, we have to make some tough decisions now on the future the next day. These guys like I mentioned last week have poured their heart and soul into this organization and we have a great appreciation for them and wish them the best. I know we have some tough decisions we have to make and I just have to do what is in the best interest of our football team.”

On the play of RB Jordan Todman:
“Yeah, you know what we talked about that earlier what could he do, what could he demonstrate. He’s had a good preseason up to this point and what could he do tonight and he did what he had to do. He had a nice run and we are really pleased with him. You know we are excited about his consistency throughout this preseason.”

On the play of the defense and offense overall:
“They (our defense) were out there for 13 plays and 26 yards. It’s good we are tightening up some of our things like our coverage principles and our fundamentals that we really wanted to work on. I was very pleased with that. Offensively, too it was good. We started off a little bit slow but we bounced back and ended on a good note so to have those guys out there and perform and to come away with a victory is good.”

Do you feel like you have done everything that you could have done to make the final roster: “I feel like I left it all on the field every time that I have had a chance (to play). Every time that I was out there I went to the wall. That’s all that you can worry about is what you do. I feel like I went out there and competed every preseason game to the best of my ability.”

On his performance tonight:
“The best part is that we came out here and got a win. Every game is important considering it is the last preseason game.”

On where his spot will be on the depth chart if he makes the team:
“I don’t know what spot (it would be) but as long as I am here I will do whatever it takes in any role that it is. Things will fall into place. As long as I am here I will do whatever it takes to help this team win. “

On his performance tonight:
“We got the win and it was a great team effort so I think that is all that matters.”
On the type of camp that he has had:“I definitely think that there has been a lot of growth. I feel like I have gotten better every day. I’m looking forward to continuing to get better every day and see where that goes.”

On adjusting to new package and schemes:
“It's different. I'm blocking big linebackers and defensive ends. You're running down hill all the time. You have to be ready and prepared for it. It's a different look on the field. You have to look at certain different things than you would from when you are a quarterback.”

On the difficulties of a new role at the end of the preseason:
“I have to keep learning it, getting use to plays. When they put me in something, just knowing what I'm doing. When they throw me in something, just knowing what I'm doing, and work at it. ”

On the win to end preseason:
"A win, is a win, and it is something to be happy about. The biggest thing for us is the strides we made in the individual positions and as a unit." Working out any issues on defense from early in the preseason: "There is one thing that we tried to focus on and that's the process of getting better. We take every opportunity, whether it's during practice or a preseason game to do that."

On the team's ability to play with each other based on the new faces:
"I think that is one thing we can hang our heads on, the way everyone has gotten together on defense. Especially when it takes awhile when you have a lot of new guys.

Opening statement:
“It’s been a process. I have had a lot of fun here. This was a fun preseason game. I have been able to play in each and every one of them. It’s good to come out here and we’re getting better every day. Obviously, I would like to have a couple of those plays back, but that’s the game of football.”

On being comfortable on the field:
“The first couple games have helped me out. I am getting back to my roots. I was able to make some plays. I’ll say it again, there were some plays that I would take back, and maybe it would be a different game.”

On waiting for the roster cut:
“Yeah, I don’t really know. I will just take it day by day and see what happens.”

On having the confidence to make the team:
“That is what I hope. That is what you want. You want to be active. It’s not really my decision but I hope for the best.”

On being confident in what he produced:
“Just through the whole process I just continue to get better each day, you know our slogan around here. I just stick to the little things to try to get better. I just learn from older guys like Paul [Posluszny] and Russell [Allen] it really helped being able to make plays. Those guys have helped tremendously.Things just kept building up and today was a great day.”

On doing enough:
“Well, you hope so. That is what you hope for. After working hard for months for this, you just really hope so. Like coach said, you want to set that final image for your portrait so that is what I was trying to do tonight and I hopefully that’s what I did.”

On sleeping the next couple nights: “Difficult, difficult, difficult. It’s just a lot. You know, when you’re an undrafted rookie you have a lot on
your mind and a lot to think about. I will just continue to keep my faith in God and allow things to just
work out.”

On veterans beings excited to end preseason:
“Preseason is just a process that we have to go through. We get to understand our teammates and we get to see where different guys make a lot of strides and stuff like that. It’s definitely something we look forward too and watching our team progress. As a d-line, watching our rush and just see how we play together. We got a bunch of new guys on the defense and it’s a special thing to watch it all come together but we are definitely looking forward to the season now that it’s over. Things count now.”

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