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In a handwritten note from Aaron Hernandez to a presumed supporter, he says he can't wait to prove his innocence to all the haters out there...and he needs some soap on a rope...


The Church buy out deal falls apart and now the Falcons may build their new stadium north of the Georgia Dome and about half a mile from the MARTA stations...For fat slobs like me who get light headed just bending over to tie my sneakers the idea of half mile walk from the train...uphill...is ridiculous. They better place defibrillator stations every ten yards on Northside Drive...


Of course there are other options, we could take a cue from Kramer on Seinfeld and employ dozens of homeless people as rickshaw drivers to ferry portly Falcons fans to the stadium from the train.


I read that for the new location the Falcons will have to clear some toxic soil under the parking lots off Ivan Allen. No wonder my brats were glowing in the dark last year when we tailgated for the SEC Championship.


People have been asking who's the most impressive new Falcon so far in training camp? Gotta be Steven Jackson, just an amazing athlete, you can't believe a guy who looks like he was chiseled out of marble can move like that. His pass catching ability out of the backfield adds just another dimension to the best offense in the NFL... and safe to say we won't be coming up short when we need a yard with # 39 in the backfield.


As far as the rookies are concerned Robert Alford has swagger and loves hitting people. Both he and Desmond Trufant have had some picks off Matt Ryan but Alford to me looks like he has the "it factor" to be a major play maker as rookie. Sure we'll take our lumps with these guys getting burned as they learn on the job, but Thomas Dimitroff killed it with what could be the anchors to the Falcon secondary for years to come.


Pass rush is the biggest question for me going into 2013 and we'll get a better idea of what Stansly Maponga and Malliciah Goodman are about when the Bengals come to camp for scrimmage and practice Monday leading up to Thursday night's first pre-season game at The Dome.


Is it just me but after watching the Braves go 7-0 in this home stand do ya really want BJ Upton back in the lineup when he returns from his rehab stint in Gwinnett? I know he's getting paid a boatload of dough but man things sure are clicking without him.


The best new show on TV is on FX, check out The Bridge on Wednesday nights. A slightly off (see if you can guess her mental handicap) hot blonde detective works with her opposite number from across the border in El Paso. Great characters and intriguing story lines.   

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