I don't know about you, but my life is like being stuck in the checkout line at Kroger. Everything I hear sounds like it jumped off the covers of those cheesy gossip magazines....e.g. 'Manziel Thrown Out of Texas Frat Party'...." Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez Spatting'... 'A-Rod (pick a headline)'...'Mike Vick (any headline at all)'...'Matt Ryan hasn't Won the Big One', and the latest gossip topic is all about, 'Injuries', leading me to today's diatribe from the other side of the checkout aisle, (next to the antacids)... 'Who's Right... Mike Smith, or, the Radio Guy?'

I have never heard a coach harp on preventing injuries as much as Mike Smith has. When you begin to coach practice with injury prevention in mind, you have stopped coaching football...Yesterday, William Moore put a shot on Jacquizz Rodgers that caused the normally moderate Mike Smith to go icky-balooky. He called Moore over and ripped him a new one, in front of the spectators. He told him, if that happens again, he's sending him to the locker room...!

I would have handled it differently. I would have kicked him in the butt, shoved him toward the locker room and screamed, 'GET IN THERE, and if you find anymore just like you, drag 'em out here, WE NEED 'EM, HURRY UP...!

See, this is why we don't have a nasty attitude, this is why we're not a physical football team, this is why the Georgia Dome is not a demonic cathedral for opponents to visit... This is why our offense better be good enough to outscore opponents by a large margin, because we can be beaten by a physical football team...!

Standing on the sideline yesterday, I was so disappointed to see that, because, physicality and aggressiveness are our most glaring limitation...

Other than that, we're set...!

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