More notes from cocktail napkins...Justice for poor pee collector?

Most people read a story about baseball and steroids or performance enhancing drugs and their eyes glaze over. Most fans could care less, it's become background noise and I get that but...I really want to see Ryan Braun get hammered with a 100 game suspension over this Bio-genesis lab scandal. He got off on a technicality over his failed drug test two seasons ago. He tested 20 times the normal rate for steroids in his system and then chirped about how the sample collector had an agenda (which was complete b.s.). If Baseball can prove he lied to investigators...I hope they throw the book at him.

Perhaps some baseball writers who gave Braun the 2011 MVP didn't want to turn around and delve into a scandal over a guy whose jock they were sniffing. Just seems to me if Braun's name ended with a z there would be a hell of lot more attention paid to it. He got a pass. And it wasn't right compared to the way other ball players get treated in the media...see Barry Bonds who is still the poster child for P.E.D.s while dudes like McGwire are back in baseball as if nothing ever happened. 

Come to think of it most baseball writers wish this latest scandal would go away. Heaven forbid one of these clowns has to do some poking around and ask some uncomfortable questions. MLB is looking at nearly one hundred current players who are under suspicion but yet if you look at or the story is quickly fading to the bottom of the page. Baseball created this whole mess by turning a blind eye to steroids in the late 90's in an effort to bring folks back to the ballpark after the strike. And then later instead of instituting some tough rules on P.E.D's they let the player’s association water down the language to where baseball's stance in drugs was a joke. Now finally 20 years later Baseball has some roid rules with teeth...but its one thing if Baseball wants to play hardball with a washed up Manny Ramirez or some no name in the minors. Will MLB step up when it's a star in his prime like 2011's MVP Braun? I'm not even mentioning A-Rod who everyone on the planet (especially his employer, the Yankees) wishes would just go away.

Already some lawyers are saying the players association will be able to shred MLB's pending suspensions of nearly a hundred players since their star witness is such a creep. And yes Tony Bosh looks like a dirt bag. When have you seen a guy involved with roids who didn't look like a registered sex offender? Remember that weirdo Victor Conte from BALCO in the Barry Bonds case? With the Biogenesis Lab investigation Baseball basically black mailed a black mailer to get the juice on the guys juicing. I know most people just want this to go away, I just want some justice for the dude with the worst job in professional sports, if not the world...Dino Laurenzi Jr. He was the MLB's urine sample collector who couldn't find an open UPS store to ship Braun's sample. And had to keep it in his home fridge for the weekend...This has to be the ultimate "I hate when my husband brings his work home" scenario? Braun lawyered up and got into the semantics of urine collection protocol and inferred Laurenzi had some agenda (like he was hired by the Reds or Cardinals to derail Milwaukee's star player's season or something). And then the smugness of Braun with the media really ticked me off. Acting as if he was as pure as the driven snow...when part of the problem was the cup he peed in almost melted!!!  So at the very least, if all that comes form this if weasels like Alex Rodriguez or Ryan Braun have to shell out a few hundred thousand more in legal bills or have to endure a few more months of sleepless nights over the Biogenesis scandal...I can live with that. I just wish Baseball writers would stop with the soft toss questions and start hammering Braun for the phony he is.


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