8:30 tonight could determine whether "The Big 3" are still adding to their collective legacies, or if them coming together has been a failure. Harsh? Maybe a little, but the fact is this group; Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James were brought together to win "Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4....." you get the point multiple titles. Coming up short in a game 7 to a starless group of Indiana Pacers would not only be a failure, but a colossal failure! Now you add to the already intense pressure of the playoffs with the fact the D Wade can't score, Chris Bosh can't rebound, and Ray Allen can't shoot, suddenly this team looks very vulnerable.
Long forgotten are a 27 game winning streak, long forgotten are a 2012 NBA title, and even further in the back of everybody's collective memories is the fact that this team should have 3 stars, not 1. Lebron is doing his part....heck he's doing 3 peoples part, and frankly if it wasn't for some other role players we would already have a Pacers/Spurs Finals match-up.
If Indiana loses tonight, no one 5 days from now will care that they gave it their all and came up short, but if Miami loses tonight a seismic off season will exist. The last year of The Big 3 before they all can opt out of their current contract and the whispers will turn into screams that Lebron will be going to INSERT TEAM NAME HERE. This was not the plan 3 summers ago.

All of the pressure sits squarely on the shoulders of Wade, Bosh, Lebron and Spoelstra....can they handle it? They did one year ago vs Boston, can they do it again? By around 11:30 tonight, either this was just a great 7 game series, or The Big 3 has been a failure even with 1 championship.

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