Notes from cocktail napkins...Adidas needs to say Adios to El Nino.


Sergio Garcia has stepped in it big time. At an awards banquet in England he was asked by the emcee if he would have Tiger Woods over for dinner at The US Open. His reply ""We'll have him 'round every night, we will serve fried chicken." Why would a person say something like that? Trying to be funny, that's your best comeback? You don't go just don't. As many stupid things as I've said on the radio in 25 years even I wouldn't go down that road, It's career suicide. We all know what Garcia was inferring. Anybody trying to rationalize his comments obviously has a similar agenda. Fuzzy Zoeller made almost the exact same quip at The Masters in 1997 and lost a big money deal with K-Mart and all his other endorsements because of it.


Adidas needs to cut El Nino loose. Not just for a not so thinly veiled racist remark. But for what Sergio Garcia represents on the golf course. A whiny little spoiled Euro-weenie who has never lived up to the hype and is considered a choker by even the most casual golf fan. The biggest choker since Greg Norman. Is that the guy Adidas wants as their flagship golfer? He plays the victim card at The Players (he was distracted by Tiger pulling a club out of his bag). The next day he proceeds to crash and burn or crash and sink on 17 and 18 in a manner almost too impossible to comprehend. 


We've seen him blow it a Majors like The British Open a few years ago. We've witnessed his ridiculous half a minute pre-stroke routine of fidgets and false starts. It got so bad at The US Open in Bethpage in 2002 that wise ass New Yorkers started counting his addresses and heckling him unmercifully. 


I watched his interview last year with David Feherty and actually found him a bit of a sympathetic figure. He had his heart broken by Greg Norman's daughter, admitted to losing his confidence on the course and how he is easily affected by distractions. He is known for speaking his mind, and I thought maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt. My empathy lasted until the third round of The Players when he showed his true colors.  Just another mental midget folding under the pressure of golf's fifth major and looking for excuses.


Sergio Garcia is guy known to wear his heart on his sleeve and shoot from the hip. Sometimes idiotic comments made moments after blowing it on a golf course could be excused when a microphone is stuck in your face before you've had a chance to get your head right. But what's the excuse for the "fried chicken comments". He's at an awards dinner in front of a good sized crowd and this is what he throws out there? He can spin it anyway he wants, it won't wash.


Tiger Woods can be a colossal jerk at times, and if you're not a Tiger fan, Sergio's comments may be much to do about nothing. But Tiger's fallibility or likability shouldn't be used as an excuse to give Garcia a pass. Fuzzy Zoeller made his fried chicken remarks 16 years ago and regardless of how offensive it may or may not be to you...either way you know what he meant, and you know what Sergio meant. Adidas needs to dump him.

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