Ever notice how these sports we’re addicted to are games of follow the leader..? Remember how Paul Hornung and the Packers had so much success with running the sweep, they initiated a trend..? Not too long ago, Tim Tebow and the Broncos prompted many teams to do more than just think about the Wildcat and Read/Option offense, they in fact, installed it…

And what prompts this thought was yesterday’s graphic on ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’… ‘Is This the Golden Era of Pitching’? It caused me to wonder if today’s keen interest in pitching dominance is the residue of the Braves relative success in the ‘90’s..? It was only yesterday that we talked about the Bravos having had the best staff in the history of the game…It would be ironic that after Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine we couldn’t uncover a skid-stopper today, except for the fact, teams that are successful are always at the leading edge of a trend. Ya wanna be the lead dog, not the one with an obstructed view, to smell the roses…

The performance enhancing drug era in baseball led to the big-bopper brand of ball that made the game covet the home run…Since then we’ve been trending back to baseball’s roots which featured run manufacturing…

I’m wondering if we (Yes, the Braves are OUR team), can just squeeze out enough pitching, and our strike out to home run ratio does not derail us, and we play for a World series title, will other organizations copy us..? Probably not…This IS the Golden Era of pitching, thanks to us…Too bad, we only closed the deal ONE time….!

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