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Why is there no NBA playoff game scheduled for tonight (Thursday)? Thanks to the lockout last year's playoffs had a rhythm, it was easy to follow and every other night there was a big game on TV. It's bad enough we're back to the overblown meaningless 82 game regular season snooze-fest...NBA curmudgeon and Network lackey David Stern has returned the playoffs back to its old snail's pace. The Knicks evened things up with the Pacers Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden; they don't play again in Indy until Saturday!!! How does this help the NBA brand? Are the weekend TV numbers that much better that you place a compelling series in suspended animation for a week?


As I write this blog the Hawks have not yet dropped the hammer on the laconic Larry Drew. Two names that keep popping up as replacements. Indiana's Brian Shaw and Golden State assistant Mike Malone. The perception with the Hawks is they were too cheap to go sign a name like Mark Jackson a few years ago. Let’s hope Danny Ferry finds the next Tom Thibodeau and stays away from the slimy Quinn Snyder as has been rumored on some hoops websites...


Talked to a buddy of mine (Maximum Bob) who's dialed in with some of the attorneys involved with the Ed O'Bannon NCAA anti-trust law suit that has guys like Mark Emmert and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany in a panic. If this goes O'Bannon's way it could turn into a class action law suit where anybody who ever had his or her image used in a video game or appeared on television or a highlight reel would be able to sue for damages. One of the arguments the plaintiffs will put forward involves college football. The NCAA maintains that when a student athlete signs his scholarship he waives the right to any financial game from television or video games. O'Bannon's lawyers will say College Football is a monopoly. There is no alternative for a football player to play in a developmental league for the NFL since one doesn't exist. The only alternative is to try out or gain a scholarship with a college team. Basically claiming the NCAA is a monopoly and violates anti-trust laws.   


I can't wait to see how this plays out. I'd love to see the top 60 or 70 football schools disengage from the NCAA with all it's hypocrisy and ridiculous rules and form their own athletic association. You think that's too far fetched? Remember the NCAA isn't even involved with the BCS or the new playoff system. So why doesn't the SEC and other elite conferences do their own thing? They control the money; keep the NCAA out of it and players can finally get a piece out of the multi-billion dollar pie. Old school fans will say the players get an education for their effort...yeah right. Coaches and universities taking in millions...players get zero, yeah that sounds fair.  


The Falcons just wrapped up their rookie mini-camp. Am I the only guy worried about the offensive line changes and overall depth?


When is BJ Upton gonna start hitting? It's mind boggling when you think of the dough the Braves are shelling out for Uggla and BJ Upton for an apparent half season's work.


One more that we've moved the radio station to Marietta...we really need a Hey Now! lane on 75. Driving up 85 to Flowery Branch the Peach Pass lane has become my own personal Autobahn...Cobb County needs to get with the program!


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