Think about it..? Is there any other aspect of life that restores and redeems itself
as consistently and thoroughly as sports competition? Not too long ago we were
engrossed in the throes of football’s march toward the Super Bowl. Strangely,
unlike previous seasons, many of us had only one eye on college basketball,
because of parity we thought, and the absence of superstars who opted early for
the riches of the NBA. Yet, this April Fool’s joke, apparently is on us, since the Elite
8 we just witnessed, could not have been any more compelling…You would have
guffawed, had anyone told you two months ago, that this hoops campaign would
eventually churn out a Final Four, overflowing with anticipation….

This incidence of tolling the Death Knell on sports is not uncommon. Pseudo-
sophisticated analysts have been heralding baseball’s demise for years…The NBA,
according to them, is hanging on only by its fingernails and 50 seasons ago, the
NFL was in for a long, tough haul.

They all failed to understand, however, that the most mesmerizing constant of
human attention is…COMPETITION..!

At the risk of being lumped into the dumpster of sportscaster naysayers, I’m
praying that the NFL learns to live with their unparalleled prosperity, stop
fidgeting with the game and start reveling in their success….If the National
Football League is not careful, they’re going to legislate the magic out of their
game with rule changes to the fundamentals of the game….Ask, NASCAR how that
worked out for them…?

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