I’m sorry if this sounds to you like I’m some kind of maniacal machismo monster,
BUT, NFL stands for Not For Ladies, yet that’s exactly who the league would be
enticing if they pass the ‘No Lowering the Helmet’ rule. It would be closer to
sorority touch football… than the game that Grange and Brown, Payton, Herschel,
William Andrews and even, Michael Turner played…!

Quite frankly, lowering your helmet and driving THROUGH the defender is the
fundamental essence of the game. We even have a statistic, ’YAC’, which stands
for Yards after Contact. If a ball carrier is not allowed to square his shoulders, get
low to the ground by lowering his helmet, and churn his legs like an oil rig, then
what sort of game have we legislated..?

I’ll tell you what sort of game…It would be a very well produced and, increasingly
less interesting concept of sport, representing the beginning of the end for the
popularity of the NFL…

I played football through college and rugby for 20 years after that, so I know
what factor the helmet plays in the game.

If you require ball carriers to run upright, thinking it will prompt defenders to
resurrect form tackling, you are wrong. It will denigrate the integrity of the game
as tacklers, instead of laying the wood, players would all of a sudden be grabbing, handfighting and hanging on as the runner lugged on by.

Not only is it a bad concept..It is shocking that this conversation could even be
entertained in an NFL board room…!

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